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Cloud Hosting

In 2016 Cloud Hosting has become a rapid developing trend and is the perfect way for online professionals to store and transfer files simply and easily all around the world. We offer cutting edge technology that provides fast and reliable cloud hosting for your personal or professional needs.

  • Top of the line server technology allows for high speeds and instant access worldwide.
  • A great way to transfer files between friends and professionals in a safe and secure environment.
  • With affordable low prices you can function on a high end professional digital level today.
  • With 24/7 customer service you will be able to have constant help with any issues you may have.
  • Look into our many options and find out what package deals would work right for you.

We have a fantastic Cloud Hosting program setup that is easy for people to use and is advanced and comparable to the rest of the cloud hosting platforms that are out there.

VDS Economy

  • Gigabytes of Monthly Transfer1000
  • Gigabytes of Disk Space10
  • Available Megabytes of Memory64
  • Available CPU Mhz100
  • Operating SystemCentOS 4
  • Control Panel
  • Dedicated IP
  • $29.95/month

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VDS Business

  • Gigabytes of Monthly Transfer3000
  • Gigabytes of Disk Space30
  • Available Megabytes of Memory512
  • Available CPU Mhz300
  • Operating SystemCentOS 4
  • Control PanelDirectAdmin
  • Dedicated IP
  • $69.95/month

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VDS Premium

  • Gigabytes of Monthly Transfer4000
  • Gigabytes of Disk Space40
  • Available Megabytes of Memory768
  • Available CPU Mhz500
  • Operating SystemCentOS 4
  • Control PanelDirectAdmin
  • Dedicated IP
  • $79.95/month

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